Introducing: Freightliner Crewe ERTMS Office

We are very pleased to announce that on 30th September 2022 a second floor was added to the Crewe VMF’s office building. This new floor will provide a modern meeting room for Engineering staff, an office for the ERTMS team and act as one of two purpose-built classrooms for future ERTMS Maintainer Training.

As the office nears completion, we would like to take a moment to acknowledge and thank:

  • ERTMS Team Members Mike Youds, Magda Olczak and Steve Jackson for their time and dedication to this project; including a Thursday to Saturday evening stretch to oversee the initial building drop.
  • Crewe VMF’s office staff Tony Clarke, Rob Lloyd, Stuart Lawler, Laura Percival, Pat Sheratt, Dave Williams and Hannah Winn for your patience while working in the middle of a construction site.

We look forward to sharing images of the completed the building in the coming weeks and providing more details about the Maintainer training classrooms in the near future.  


The ERTMS Team