Full Cab Sims taking shape

Under CORYS’s direction, the first full-cab simulators for Freightliner are beginning to take shape. The laser scanning of a real cab interior and the provision of genuine cab parts obtained by members of the Freightliner ERTMS Team allowed for the construction of the cab interiors to accurately represent that of a Class 66 locomotive. Brake controllers, parking brake indicators, light fixtures, coat hooks, and even a nonworking hot plate are some of the components being installed to accomplish this.

The addition of a driver machine interface (DMI) will introduce learners to ERTMS operations and driving under the advise of in cab signalling.

By providing our drivers with a realistic environment, we hope they will become completely absorbed in the simulator experience. Motion driver seats, which can simulate gradients, movement over points, and acceleration, have been added by Freightliner’s ERTMS team to take this a step further. Users will become more accustomed to the movements they can anticipate from a real locomotive as a result. 

Before returning to the CORYS factory for wiring and the installation of internal components, the simulators will spend the rest of June being painted. Watch for more updates on their progress and information regarding their debut at SimTech 2023.

The full cab simulators will be arrive in Ipswich and Doncaster in December 2023 and allow us to train our staff on new procedures, handle unexpected situations, and simulate emergency event scenarios in a secure setting while being overseen by a knowledgeable training manager.